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September 11, 2011 / thewiseguy99

SQL Azure Migration Wizard v3.7.7 & Red Gate SQL Compare 9 no longer work

This post on July 9th talks about a new SQL Azure roll out on the Azure cloud. July SQL Azure roll out

After reading the Red Gate forums the chatter points to the fact Microsoft did the SQL Azure roll out in Europe this July but have staggered the North American roll out to occur after, it now looks like this may have happened during the week.

I was unable to access the Azure management site late Friday afternoon but it eventually came back that evening. I read a BBC article regarding some DNS problem that hit the MS cloud stack so I guess that answers why I was down? BBC article I bet the SLA was breached in more than a few cases!

Saturday I tried to migrate a database to Azure using the SQL Azure Migration Wizard v3.7.7 tool only to have it fail when attempting to connect to SQL Azure, something which worked for me a week ago using the same tool. SQL Azure Migration Wizard – Work Item

I know Red Gate has version 9.0 of their SQL Compare & SQL Data Compare tools so I downloaded the trial only to find they failed as well. Fortunately they patched them to a 9.1 version when that European roll out hit (sounds like they are not happy). Anyway use these two patches to at least get yourself going in the interm:

SQL Data Compare w/Azure patch: SQL Data Compare patch

SQL Compare w/ Azure patch: SQL Compare patch


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